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2.Procedure to add mixed numbers and fractions
3.Word problems
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Adding mixed numbers and fractions

  1. Turn the mixed number into a improper fraction by multiplying the whole number by the denominator then add that sum to the numerator.
  2. If the denominators of the fractions are not the same then find the LCM of the fraction's denominator.
  3. Add the fractions together to make one fraction.
  4. If need simplify the fraction.

Word Problem

Kranky and Patty saw a 6 7/15 hour movie then the next day saw a 7/30 hour movie how long in total have
Kranky and Patty been at the movies in the past two days?


1.6 1/4 + 3/5
2.4 3/5 + 2/30
3.2 3/9 + 1/3
4.8 2/4 + 1/16
5.10 18/20 + 13/40

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Answer to word problem
6 42/60 hours


Prentice Hall Mathematics Pre-Algebra book