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Solving Two-Step Equations

To solve two step equations you must isolate the variable. To do that you must subtract the integer that is one the same side of the equation as the variable. If the integer is a negative number then you would add it. You either add or subtract the integer depending if it is a negative or positive number. Then you should come up with the variable on one side of the equation and the number on the other side. Now you would divide by the like term of the variable one both sides of the equations. After that you should come up with the variable equaling a number.


2x + 6 = 10. Now you would subtract both sides by 6 and get 2x = 4. From here you would divide both sides by 2 and get x = 2

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Real-Life Problem
J.T. wants to save $800 to go to Disney World for a year. He saves $40 every week. So far he has been saving for 5 weeks and has $200. Find out how many more weeks q it will take to have $800. Solve by writing an equation and solving it.