I. Smart Board

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This Notebook presentation will teach you how to subtract integers.

II. Game

Subtracting Integers Game
This game uses negative and positive tiles to show how to subtract integers.

III. Real World Problem

Your business was in debt 30 dollars but the people you were in debt to said you don't need to pay them 20 dollars of that 30. How much are you in debt now? Write an equation and solve.

This problem will help you have a better understanding of real world problems if you really like subtracting integers.

IV. Other Sources

Helpful Video
This video will further explain the concept of subtracting integers.
http://www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/vol5/subtraction.html made in 1998-2008 by Gisele Glosser
This web page will give you a little extra help on subtracting integers if you still don't understand it.