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How to do traditional multiplication

When doing multiplication you have to use the carrying process. An example of this is as follow:
582*7 Because 8x5 is more than a one digit number you have to use the carrying process. So 8x5 is 40 so you keep the 0 in the answering column and carry the 4 from the 40 over to above the 4. Now you multiply 8x4 to get thirty-two. So this is where the carried over 4 comes into play.Now you had the 4 to the 32 to get 36. Put this 36 in front of the 0 from 40. Your final answer for the first column is 360. Now you have to solve the second column. Put now since you are in the second you have to show that you are solving in the tens place. As a result of this you put a 0 int he first place to put your answer starting in the tens place. Now repeat what you did for the first column. When you have your final answer add them both together and you have just performed traditional multiplication.

A game that can help you practice your new skill is linked:

A real life situation where this could occur is many instances. For example, if Taylor Swift received ten silver boots for her songs, and for every
boot she got Grant gave her three hugs. How many hugs she get from Grant. In this situation you would multiply the ten boots by the three hugs to get thirty hugs. So Grant gave Taylor Swift thirty hugs for her accomplishments of winning ten solver boots.

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